Are Wooden Watches Durable?

When it comes to Aarni Wooden Watches, the short answer is yes! People are often concerned about the durability of wood watches. It is understandable, as the word wooden watch is a little misleading. Let us tell you a bit more about it.

Why durable, we say?

Aarni Wooden Watches use the same internal mechanisms as metal watches. This means the gaskets, dials, gears and springs inside are made of the same materials and give you the same trusted performance that metal watches do. The inner case is also made of 316L stainless steel. The only difference comparing to a “traditional” watch is that the outer case and wristband are made from wood, which provides many benefits, such as outstanding comfort and lightness.

Pioneering and testing to make the world’s best wooden watch

We spend several months designing our products, only settling on the finest materials, components and craftsmanship available. We also test our products rigorously before they ever see daylight. And when they do, we are there watching, learning and improving. And this is why you will never need to think about discarding your Aarni Wooden Watch.

Aarni Atlas - Curly Birch Automatic Watch - Visakoivusta valmistettu kello automaattikoneistolla

Combining the best of both worlds: wood and metal

Our wooden watches have been developed for years to secure durability. We believe that combining the best of both worlds; wood and metal, we get the best product. The product is durable as well as comfortable.

We always offer a market-leading 3-year guarantee. We have created a metal link to the bracelet that has immensely made the wooden watch more durable. As well as the stainless-steel case inside.

Innovative structure of Aarni Wood Watch

Enjoy your watch in all situations. The wooden shell conceals a precisely worked stainless steel case. The rotating back cover seals the structure and protects the movement from dust and water. You can carry out your daily chores with no worries.

The sapphire-coated mineral crystal glass is attached directly to the steel body. The sapphire coating makes the glass virtually scratch-free, while the mineral crystal glass ensures great shock proofing. A similar glass is also used in diving watches due to its excellent properties.


Enjoy the durability of Aarni Wooden Watch in everyday use

We have developed Aarni Wooden Watch for everyday use. To keep the wooden parts of the watch beautifully shiny and dirt-repellent, we recommend cleaning and oiling them about once a year. You can find the instructions to how here.


Are Aarni Wooden Watches durable?

We combine the best qualities of wood and metal to ensure that the durability is secured. We have developed our watches for 7 years and keep on making sure that the Aarni is the world’s best wooden watch.

Should I avoid water with Wooden Watch?

The design of Aarni’s watches ensures that the watch’s mechanism and interior are well protected from splash water and dust (3 ATM and 5 ATM). There is no need to worry about water contact in daily use. Just remember to take the watch off your wrist for a swim or sauna. You find more information about water resistance here.

Why a Wooden Watch?

We are passionate about the natural materials and think nothing beats the comfort.They don’t make your wrist sweat and are lightweight to wear. When it comes to a watch structure and durability, all Aarni Wooden Watches conceal a stainless-steel case protecting the movement.

We accept only the finest natural materials that come with beautiful appearance and also great durability. And what’s special: you get to carry a piece of nature with you, wherever you go.