What motivates the world champion?

Jussi Piha combined his passion as a professional athlete, entrepreneur and a mentor of young players.

Sports and entrepreneurship have a lot in common, especially if you do them with passion.

“I resigned from my past job just over a year ago and set up my project called “No looking back”. The aim was to enable a more professional athlete lifestyle to pursue my own dreams with the support of partners. The past year has been eye-opening, challenging and therefore rewarding. ⁣⁣

Sports and entrepreneurship have a lot in common, especially if you do them with passion. In the end, you are always responsible for the performance and the daily doing, as well as the failures. You get to feel proud of your success, but to counterbalance the challenges, you don’t have to go further than the mirror to look for answers.

The everyday life as an entrepreneur has been a constant mental roller coaster. At times, I feel like an unstoppable leader of the corporate world, soon to be sitting in the American Shark Tank sharing tips to others. Other days it feels like there is no point in anything and I just want to disappear. ”

I hope to be able to give young people the spark to pursue their own dreams to the fullest.

“The mind needs to stay positive. It is essential to wake up in the morning knowing why you do what you do. That’s why I want to cheer young floorball players. I set up my concept of a Dream Team, where I mentor promising youth for the future in their sports careers.

Six enthusiastic young people aged 13-18 are selected for the dream team every year. It has been sweet to see young people develop and encourage them forward. Their enthusiasm and energy motivates and reminds me of why I do what I do.”


Jussi Piha #16

Jussi Piha is the world floorball champion and a five-time Finnish champion.

Read more about Jussi’s No Looking Back and Dream Team projects at https://www.parastapeliin.fi, where Aarni also works as a partner.

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