Watches made of the “celebrity” trees.

Villa Flora Limited Edition – The Iconic Design Heritage.

Born on the yard of Villa Flora, the beloved summer house of Alvar and Aino Aalto. We have the honour of bringing together the birch from the yard of Villa Flora and the Aaltos’ iconic design heritage.


Turku Limited Edition – It all started in Turku.

Our first capital and Finland’s way out of the Stone Age. Turku has pioneered bringing civilisation and culture to Finland. The city has indeed been through a lot during its long history.

We rescued the best pieces of a Wych Elm that was cut down from Finland’s oldest park, Kupittaa Park, and turned them into 300 numbered Turku Limited Edition Watches.

Turku Limited Edition is a homage to the long history of the city and, most of all, its people.


Berlin Limited Edition – The spirit of Berlin.

A Genuine Piece of Berlin. The latest addition to the Aarni Limited Edition Watch Series has grown in Berlin. We saved the best pieces of the city’s beautiful old oak and added a bit of bohemian feel that is characteristic to Berlin.

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Kaivari Limited Edition – From the heart of Helsinki.

Kaivopuisto, Kaivari for short, is the best known park and meeting place in Helsinki, perhaps in all of Finland. May Day picnics and summer concerts in Kaivopuisto have brought together people decade after decade. 

Many know the park but only few know why the park is called Kaivopuisto, Finnish for “Well Park”. It all began in the 19th century with a spa and its beautiful buildings that were built on the southern tip of Helsinki. Even though the golden years of the spa ended with the bombs of WWII, if not sooner, the park had already found its way into people’s hearts. 

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Manse Limited Edition – From the city of Tampere.

Tampere, also known as Manchester of Finland or in short Manse, is jumping into the premier league of big cities with its new city tramline.

In order to enter the brave new world of trams, some of the old world had to be taken down. Do you remember the old linden trees in front of Stockmann? We managed to save the best pieces of them.

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Vallisaari Limited Edition – Born in the Death Valley.

One of the worst peacetime disasters happened on a Friday morning, July 9th, 1937. A fire caused the ammunition depot explosion in a military island located just 1,5km from Helsinki city centre. 12 people lost their lives and dozens were injured. The area has since been called the Death Valley.

The tragic events have been buried and forgotten for decades. We wanted to find out about the forgotten history and headed a boat towards the island of Vallisaari.

What happened on Vallisaari island?

Mechelininkatu Limited Edition – The most-talked trees of Helsinki keep on living.

Citizens of Helsinki were rather offended when beloved trees of Mechelininkatu had to be taken down due to roadwork in 2017. The trees played an important role for many people, and had been framing the famous road of Helsinki for many decades.

However, the story of the lindens didn’t end there…

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Aarni Limited Edition Watches give the trees the recognition they deserve as the witnesses of history –  the stories from the past generations to the present. We are determined to tell their stories and to carry them with us wherever we go.

Aarni is the final, honorable chapter in the story of these city trees. 


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A Watch that has the story to tell.

There is a huge amount of memories related to the places that are important to us. Childhood games on the old home street or the first dates in the park under the tree – precious memories that will last forever.

Aarni Limited Edition Watch embraces the stories of the memorable city trees. We are determined to carry the memories with us wherever we go.

Manse Limited Edition kello - Valmistettu Hämeenkadun lehmuksista. Tampere ranteessasi.
Aarni Limited Editions - Ainutlaatuisista puista valmistettu

One-time opportunity.

Aarni Limited Edition Watches bring the unique piece of history to your wrist. We create these watches as numbered limited editions only.

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