When an ancient port on the Indian Roman trade was excavated, the archeologists found ships that were over 2000 years old. Those ships were built of teak. This comes as no surprise, given its unique qualities: Due to its high natural oil content, teak wood is extremely resistant to rot and fungi.

Teak is also a durable and tight-grained wood that will not significantly change its dimensions when it absorbs humidity or dries up. Teak has a rich luscious color, varying between golden brown and chocolate. All this has made teak wood a highly coveted, luxurious material for millennia for e.g. outdoor furniture, cutting boards and boat decks. Teak wood is easy to work with and finishes to a high degree, which has made it a prized material for trim work on luxurious boat interiors.

With its rich history, teak is a treasure trove of luxury. However, the high demand for teak wood over the ages has led to the fact that old-growth teak from natural forests has become very endangered. Luckily, the high demand has also paved the way for sustainably grown, environmentally managed teak plantations.

We only use FSC-certified, sustainably grown & harvested teak wood. Teak grows for 40-80 years on a plantation before harvesting. Afterwards, it has to be dried for several years to prevent cracking and warping. Teak wood is very expensive and still today symbolises luxury and status.

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