How long is the warranty of watches and sunglasses?

All of our products have one year warranty from the date of delivery, which covers errors or defects due to manufacturing. For more details, see Warranty.

Can I return the product I ordered?

Yes sure! If you're not happy with your purchase, you can send any unworn item back to us within 100 days of the delivery date and we will refund your hard earned money. Please contact us if you like to return or change your product and we are happy to help you.

Do you ship products overseas?

Yes, we deliver products all over the world. And best of all, the standard delivery is free for you. However, we are not responsible for possible country-specific customs duties and taxes that may occur when the product enters a non-EU country. You can also choose extremely fast DHL Express delivery method at checkout.

For US customers: Our products' values are under the clearance threshold so there won't be any extra costs for you when the shipment arrives to the US. 

How soon can I get my order?

All orders will be shipped within 1-2 business days after placing the order. Standard delivery time within Europe is typically  3-6 business days and 6-12 business days for orders outside Europe. 

What payment methods can I use in an online store?

In our online shop, you can pay for your order using common credit cards or through PayPal. For more details, see Payment

I couldn't find the answer to my question here, what should I do?

Just send us a message or email and we are happy to help you!

What movement mechanism do the watches use?

Aarni Wooden Watches are equipped with high quality and precise Swiss movements (ETA, Ronda) or Japanese Miyota Citizen Quartz movements.

What type of wood is used to manufacture the watches?

We use only high quality sustainable wood. The specific wood type depends on the model and may range from Ebony, Curly Birch and Walnut along many other premium wood materials. The wooden parts are treated lightly with wood treatment oil to maintain natural shine and moisture.

Are spare parts available for the watches?

Spare parts are available. If you need any additional parts, or any other help, please contact us at

Where are the watches made?

Watches are manufactured according to our design in the factory that meets our high standards in China. We visit the factory on a regular basis to ensure the production quality and development. The Design from Finland mark has been granted for our watches as a symbol of Finnish design.

Can Aarni Watches withstand water?

The market leading structure of Aarni Watches guarantees that the movement will be safe from water and dust (3 ATM). You don't have to worry about water accidents in everyday use. Just remember to leave the watch on a table before taking a shower or sauna. 

How do I adjust the watch band to fit my wrist?

Each Aarni Wood Watch has a band that can be precisely adjusted to suit your needs by adding or removing the wooden links of the band. All wood watches come with extra links and 2 small screwdrivers. It is easy to adjust the band length by yourself with these tools. 

Do I need to get the watch serviced?

The battery of quartz movement will last for 2-8 years, after which it is possible to change it yourself or at the nearest watch shop. Wooden parts are treated with natural wood treatment oils, so the wooden parts themselves do not require any special maintenance. However, to retain the wood's natural shine and moisture, we recommend treating the wooden parts with natural wood treatment oil yearly.

What lens do you use on sunglasses?

All models feature 1.1mm lenses with UV400 protection, so your eyes are 100% protected against UVA and UVB radiation. Most of the models come with polarized lenses (see model information on product page for details). Polarization effectively eliminates reflections from horizontal surface e.g. water surface and thus reduces the glare from bright sunshine.

Are all models of the same size?

All Aarni Sunglasses are designed to be unisex and unisize. Sunglasses possess classic design proportions and good fit for different faces, making Aarni sunglasses look good on your face for many sunny years to come. Stainless steel spring loaded hinges make temples fit perfectly for different sized heads.

Where are the sunglasses manufactured?

Sunglasses are manufactured on our partner's factory in China. 

What wood is used for sunglasses?

For sunglasses we use only high-quality sustainably grown wood. The wood types we use, depending on sunglasses model include dark walnut wood, zebrawood and ebony for example. Please see the product page for more information. The wooden parts are treated lightly with wood treatment oil to maintain its natural shine and moisture.

How to take care of my Wooden Aarni Sunglasses?

All sunglasses are delivered with a wooden box to protect your glasses from hits and a micro fiber cleaning cloth to make cleaning the lenses easy for you. Wooden parts do not require any special care, but to preserve the wood shine and we recommend a treatment with wood treatment oil each year. Please note that long-term exposure to excessive heat may cause dryness and cracking of the wooden parts, so we do not recommend leaving the glasses, for example, in a hot car for a long time.