Rosewood is a traditional wood that has immaculate looks and is highly sought after all around the world. The trees are loaded with essential oils, which provides them with a sweet fragrance that can remain in the wood for years after the tree was felled. Rosewood has earned its name from this flowery scent, so distinctive of the species.

When you take a piece of rosewood in your hand, you’ll immediately notice an exquisite feel to it: The wood is heavy and robust. Its deep chocolate color enchants the senses and its rosy scent stirs warm sensations. It’s no wonder that carpenters all over the world covet rosewood. The wood does not crack and its surface can be sanded into a velvety smooth finish bringing its deep chocolate glow into full splendor. From quality guitars to luxury furniture, rosewood will exceed all your expectations. In your wooden sunglasses, rosewood brings depth and makes carrying them an exquisite experience.

Products that feature rosewood

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109.90 134.90