Revered as the wooden marble of the Nordics, curly birch is symbolic of the value of Nordic nature. Its long and exquisite history includes having been highly valued by the Tsar of Russia and the Central European nobility, among others. For example, Alexander I is known to have donated a complete set of furniture to Napoleon, made entirely of curly birch. This wooden marble is the only Nordic wood species to trade in kilograms, not in cubic meters. Its value can be up to 100-fold compared to other domestic wood species in our native Finland.

The curling is a naturally occurring mutation of the silver birch. It is analogous to a human having a syndrome. For this reason, curly birch wood is unique. The mutation causes the tree to branch excessively and grow in a twisting fashion. The bark of the tree grows inwards, giving the wood an ornamental look, and the grain curls in a delicate pattern. This makes the wood highly durable in small wooden objects such as wooden watches or sunglasses and gives your wristwatch or sunglasses an exquisite marbled sheen.

Products that feature Curly Birch

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