Thousands of people have already fallen in love with Aarni Watches. The unique materials and stylish design have both received much grace from our friends. We are thankful for all the great feedback we’ve received. The true insights from our customers help us develop our products further and better. Take a look below to learn more about Aarni customer experiences.

Pasi bought Vega Curly Birch watch from one of our resellers. The same day, we received an email:
“I bought Vega – Curly Birch Watch today. I wasn’t looking for a watch but had gone for Christmas card shopping. Then I ran into your “must buy” wooden watch! I have been planning to purchase a new watch for ages, pretty much nearly 20 years, but my dreams have been closer to TAGHeuer so I haven’t been able to find anything that I liked, until now.

I simply can’t believe that I ran into something so great in my own small town! The watch is so stylish I carry it with extreme pride. Already after wearing it for just a few hours, I’m stunned by its elegance, lightness, resistance to body heat and just simply it’s looks. It has made a long lasting impression on me that cannot be created with money but instead, a good sense of high quality design”  -Pasi

Sanna was taken by the lightness of the watch:
“My favorite watch of all times! Lightweight, comfortable to wear and extremely stylish. I had to buy one for my husband too as I love mine so much!👌” -Sanna

Jeremias said:
“I just bought your watch and it has been so good to wear compared to everything else that I’ve tried on my wrist, so I had to give some customer feedback.

It’s crazy, I love my watch so much I’m going to order everything I need from Aarni. Only minus I can think of is that there are not enough products to buy! I’d love to get wooden rings and other accessories from you too. Wood as a material beats gold, and at least personally I’d choose it over everything else.” -Jeremias

Vega – Curly Birch Watch is Elisa’s favorite:
“Last Christmas I received Vega – Curly Birch watch as a gift. I’ve used it everyday ever since. It’s the most perfect watch – eye catching, elegant, long lasting and absolutely brilliant!” -Elisa

Edwin was impressed by the clean Scandinavian design:
“Today I received my XO and it was a pleasant surprise! I own 8 other wooden watches but here I like the clean Scandinavian design combined with the ‘crazy’ ideas like the asymmetrical dial and crown. Delivered in a nice box but the content of it was an amazing nice piece of work. You can rely on the pictures; it looks that great!” -Edwin

The promising start of an Aarni owner:
“This one here is a great watch! The first time I put it on the wrist and headed out for the night, I didn’t even make it to the bar before I already found myself a girl 😎” -Niko


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