In addition to fine wood materials, we were looking for a material that would be stylish, durable and pleasing to the senses. We were looking for a material that could deliver not only exceptional performance, but also a distinctly Nordic feel. Where to find such a material?

Surprisingly, the answer was not far away. Turns out, the leather made of hides of the wild elks of the Nordic forests is not only durable but also exceptionally soft. This means that the watch strap made of elk leather feels comfortable on your wrist and won’t rub your skin. Elk leather endures varied weather conditions and humidity better than any other leathers. It is being used also in demanding marine conditions on sailboat steering wheels.

Elk hides are only a byproduct of the hunting. None of the approx. 50,000 elks that are hunted each year in Finland are killed because of the hide. In fact, there’s been little use for elk hides so far. The hide of this noble animal often ends up as mere slaughterhouse waste. We feel this is wrong.

Elk leather is part of Nordic cultural heritage. Using it does good for local livelihoods and shows respect towards the Nordic wild nature. Wearing an elk leather Aarni product, you will have a piece of Nordic wilderness adorning your style.

Products that feature Elk Leather