Wooden Sunglasses


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Real Wood.
Truly Durable.

Aarni Sunglasses are a combination of classic style and genuine natural materials. Wooden sunglasses are lightweight and comfy in everyday use. The gorgeous wood grain pattern makes every pair unique.

Durable Carbon Core™

Aarni Carbon Core™ structure is developed for extreme durability. The carbon fiber layer is cross-laminated between the wood veneers making the structure extra strong and resilient.

The natural wood guarantees an elegant appearance.

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See the World in High Definition

Aarni polycarbonate lenses offer superior wearability and optical clarity. 100% UV protection is built into lenses to keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays.

You can also choose polarized lenses to suit your active lifestyle. Polarized lenses eliminate glare and intercept reflections so they are a game changer for outdoor activities.


“These wooden sunglasses are far better than anything else I’ve tried. The vivid look of the wood and lightness in use are the things I like the most. Plus super cool designs! :)” 

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100% Happiness-Guarantee

All products come with a 100-day return and exchange policy. Try sunglasses at home and then make the decision. Shipping and return are always free worldwide.


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109.90 134.90