UPDATE 27.8.
The watches were sold out quickly on our online store in 24 minutes. There were 2263 people who had shown their interest beforehand by joining the mailing list.  Thanks for your interest and stay tuned for upcoming limited editions!

From the City of Tampere. With Automatic Movement.

Tampere, also known as Manchester of Finland or in short Manse, is soon to jump into the premier league of big cities with its new city tramline.

Tampere is also known from many other things: the youngest prime minister in the world, NHL hockey players, KHL hockey players, Kummeli sketch characters and yes, some more hockey players.

The most interesting feature of Tampere is its people with their attitude and distinct dialect. The language itself is intelligible enough and the laid-back, common-sense, know-it-all, proud-yet-humorous -attitude is unique. But once you learn to appreciate it,  it’s hard to resist. Tampere state-of-mind stays with you till the end.

A Street that brings together the people of Tampere.

Hämeenkatu is a street that stretches from the east of the city to the west, taking you from the old railway station, through the modern shopping streets, over the legendary Tammerkoski river all the way to the Pyynikki park and church.

In order to enter the brave new world of trams, some of the old world had to be taken down. The linden trees that had stood and witnessed the passing of time in Hämeenkatu since the early 1930’s were removed. We saved the best pieces of the trees. 

Hämeenkatu 1930-luvun lopussa.
Hämeenkatu 1930-luvun lopussa.
Manse Limited Edition Kello - Valmistettu Hämeenkadun lehmuksista. Automaattikoneistolla.

Manse Limited Edition – the collection of 300 pieces

We are producing a limited edition of 300 watches crafted from the beloved linden trees of Hämeenkatu. As the heart of the watch ticks a valued Miyota 82S0 automatic movement making it the first automatic watch in our collection.

The colours of the Manse watch give credit to Tampere: royal golden details meet with a deep green color that matches the colour of the old Tampere emblem. 

Manse Limited Edition is the second release of Aarni Limited Edition Series. Aarni Limited Edition Watches give the trees the recognition they deserve as the witnesses of history –  the stories from the past generations to the present. We are determined to tell their stories and to carry them with us wherever we go. Aarni is the final, honorable chapter in the story of these city trees. See the first Limited Edition Watch made from the Lindens of Mechelininkatu here.

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