Vallisaari Limited Edition was launched in 2020 and it is now sold out.

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The island with a captivating story.

Vallisaari. A tragic scene for one of the most destructive explosions in the Finnish history.

One of the worst peacetime disasters happened on a Friday morning, July 9th, 1937. A fire caused the ammunition depot explosion in a military island located just 1,5km from Helsinki city centre. 12 people lost their lives and dozens were injured. The area has since been called the Death Valley.

The tragic events have been buried and forgotten for decades. We wanted to find out about the forgotten history and headed a boat towards the island of Vallisaari.

Crafted from the maples of the Death Valley.

Time on the Vallisaari island has frozen. After the tragic events, the Death Valley was deserted and nature got to grow wild in peace.

The old ruins tell a story of a bygone era. The maple trees of the island have grown strong in the sea breeze.

The last explosives depots were emptied a few years ago and the military island opened to the public for recreational and outdoor use. Some of the old world of the Death Valley was taken down by the Forest Administration (Metsähallitus). We rushed to the scene and managed to save the best pieces of the maples. 

We want to honour the special history and nature of Vallisaari. We are proud to reveal that life of these maples is not yet over.

Vallisaari 9.7.1937 - Yksi Suomen tuhoisimmista räjähdyksistä.
Vallisaari 9.7.1937 - Yksi Suomen tuhoisimmista räjähdyksistä.
Vallisaari Limited Edition Kello - Syntynyt Kuolemanlaaksossa - AARNI

Vallisaari Limited Edition – the collection of 500 pieces

We produced a limited edition of 500 watches of the magnificent maples of the Death Valley. The colors of the watch gives credit to Vallisaari: the light shade of the maple blends beautifully with the bronze structure of the watch, showing the rust tones. Swiss Ronda quartz movement serves as the heart of the watch.

Vallisaari Limited Edition is the third release of Aarni Limited Edition Series. Aarni Limited Edition Watches give the trees the recognition they deserve as the witnesses of history –  the stories from the past generations to the present. We are determined to tell their stories and to carry them with us wherever we go. Aarni is the final, honorable chapter in the story of these city trees.

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