Mechelininkatu Limited Edition Watch was the first series of Aarni Limited Editions. Launched in 2019, Mechelininkatu Limited Edition earned its place as the most talked watch of the year in Finland.

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Linden from Mechelininkatu – a piece of Helsinki history.

Every tree has a history and stories that we should listen and remember. When a significant city tree needs to be removed, its story doesn’t necessary end there. The last chapter begins – as Aarni Watch. 

We are proud to introduce the Limited Edition that is made of much-talked-about lindens from Mechelininkatu, Helsinki. The watches are available for all and especially for them who have a special relation to Mechelininkatu. 

Mechelininkadun lehmuksista valmistettu kello - Aarni Mechelininkatu Limited Edition
Mechelininkatu Limited Edition Watch

A Watch that has the story to tell.

Linden has a beautiful light color and straight grains. It is also popular wood material among carpenters due to its homogeneous and durable features. 

Light colored linden wood is paired with the black dial. Red color for the second pointer is carefully chosen to match the red bricks on Mechelininkatu buildings. It’s all about the details.

This watch has a truly unique story to be told. Don’t be shy to share it.

Mechelinikatu Limited Edition is the first release of Aarni Limited Edition Series. Aarni Limited Edition Watches give the trees the recognition they deserve as the witnesses of history –  the stories from the past generations to the present. We are determined to tell their stories and to carry them with us wherever we go. Aarni is the final, honorable chapter in the story of these city trees.